Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got Noodles?

I've had a box of noodles left over from when we used them to make noodle necklaces. Every time I open the cabinet there they are staring me in the face. Now of course I can't just throw them away that would be a waste, so I thought what else can we do with these?  I came up with the idea of making noodle art-- using the noodles to make words or pictures! Here's how some of them turned out:
One of my second graders thought to make one for mothers day-- such a cute idea! She hasn't painted it yet but once she does I'll be sure to upload it! 

what you need:
  • cardboard
  • noodles
  • paint
  • tacky glue
what you do:
  1. arrange the noodles how you want them on a piece of cardboard
  2. use tacky glue to keep them in place
  3. paint how ever you want and let dry !
Be creative, have fun =) 

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